Walk Around Derwentwater Lake in Keswick

Derwentwater Lake in Keswick

Walk Around Derwentwater Lake & Route

One my favourite Lake District walks is this circular walk around Derwentwater Lake in Keswick. This lake is part of Borrowdale and is located directly south of the town of Keswick (see map here).

We found plenty of families swimming in the water as well as couples enjoying the peace and quiet offered near the side of the lake. We enjoyed the enormous trees, stunning scenery and feeding the ducks by the edge of the lake!

Derwentwater Lake Walk, Keswick, Lake District
Hike around Derwentwater Lake

We walked about 3.6 miles and this took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes. This walk was all generally easy to navigate with gentle inclines.

We started at the Hawes End Jetty and followed the lake path through woodland. At Low Brandlehow jetty we kept heading south and followed the shore path. At the jetty at High Brandelhow we took a sharp ‘U-turn’ onto the upper path back to the Hawes End Adventure Centre and then eventually back to the Hawes End Jetty to complete the route. You can find more detailed walking instructions of the route we took in this article.


Boat Launches

You can meet the taxi boat at different points along the lake – making it very easy to get back to the start whenever you want. The Keswick Launch service gives you more flexibility with the length of your hike since you don’t have to double back. You can stay on the boat (50 minute cruise) or get on and off to walk between stops.


Getting There & Activies

There are several car parks around Derwentwater. See a map with car park locations here.

There are also many activities available at this lake. Along with taking a cruise around the lake, you can hire a boat (rowing & self-drive motor boats), canoe, sail, fish and swim here.



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