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Best Tent With Porch

tent with porch
If you’re in a hurry and want to know my choice for the best tent with porch, then I recommend the Coleman Dark Room Dome Tent with Screen Room.

A tent with a porch is a nice choice for camping in the warm summer months. The porch offers an added level of ventilation and airflow. Not to mention, an extra living space for sleeping on hot nights, enjoying meals, or for children to play.

If you are a family, then a tent that is spacious, portable, and quick to set up is a good option. Tents with porches offer this option for added space. And if you have kids running around, the bigger the tent the better. Many rooms and compartments give you room to spare and have a comfortable camping trip.

In this article, we are going to review the following tents with a porch:

What are the benefits of having a tent with a porch?

Extra living and storage space

A screen room offers another separate living space. This might act as a private sleeping space for someone on hot summer nights. Or this area can act as a space to have dinner as a family without the nuisance of bugs.

You may also choose to use this space as a storage area. This will limit the number of times you need to go into your car to find a flashlight or extra sweater. Everything can stay dry on the porch and be accessible.

summer camping tent with porch area

Stay cool in the summer months in your tent with a porch

One of the greatest benefits of a tent with a porch is that it will keep you nice and cool. Enjoy airflow and stay protected even when it’s raining hard outside. You may even prefer to sleep in this section if you want to stay nice and cool on particularly warm nights.

Safe space for children or pets

This extra space is ideal for small children playing during the day. Camping with kids can sometimes be a scary experience. A screened-in area is a perfect place for them to play.

What features to look for when buying a tent with a screen room?


The porch will most likely be mesh fabric to offer a high level of ventilation. Look that the rest of the body of the tent also has windows and vents to allow for airflow. Ventilation is important to avoid condensation and keep you nice and cool on hot nights.


Make sure the fabric of the tent you buy is waterproof so that you stay dry. Tent fabric has a hydro-static head rating in millimeters. Look for a tent that has a tent body, groundsheet as well as rainfly that is waterproof.


If you are camping as a family or large group, you will never regret having a bigger tent. This extra internal space is for resting, running around, or card games while it is raining. It can also be great for someone to have a nap while everyone else is awake. It is also great for storage and changing.

Ease of setup

Set-up time will vary depending on the type of tent. Some tents are instant cabin-style tents while others are more of a project to set up. Look for the setup time advertised – some tents may be one minute and others ten. Check if the tent has features like color-coded poles to help you construct your tent. This may depend on how much help you will have or if you are one person constructing the tent.

1.Wenzel Klondike Tent – 8 Person

The Wenzel Klondike Tent is a dome-style 3 season tent. There is space for 5 people in the sleeping room and 3 that can sleep in the sitting area. The attached screen room can double as a playroom for kids during the summer months.

This tent has a bathtub design. The raised lip prevents water from getting inside the screen room and the rest of the tent. There is also a rainfly to keep water out that is removable in sunny weather to allow for gazing up at the stars at night. Mesh screening allows for ventilation and airflow.


  • Fast and easy setup
  • Rainfly to keep water out
  • Fully enclosed attached screen room
  • Full mesh room option
  • Heavy-duty zippers


  • Not for severe weather conditions
  • Light material is less durable

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2. Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room – 6 Person

The Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room has two rooms. There is plenty of space for a family – sleeping 6 people. There are two doors offering easy in-and-out. There is also a floor-less screened room for extra ventilation. This is a great place to enjoy meals and gatherings, rain or shine as well as a protected storage space for gear.

The Coleman Comfort System allows for great ventilation. There is a mesh ceiling and vents throughout. The setup is simple with two color-coded poles. Also, there are continuous pole sleeves, shock-corded fiberglass poles, and InstaClip attachments.


  • Hinged door for easy in and out access
  • Screen room for extra ventilation or additional sleeping area
  • Storage pockets
  • E-port for electrical power
  • Protected seams for weather resistance
  • Wind-strong frame
  • Zipper protection
  • Waterproof flooring


  • The screen room is floor-less
  • Not for heavy storms

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3. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room – 6 Person

The Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent offers a spacious camping experience with a separate screen room. The screen room offers an extra place to relax while keeping out the bugs and rain. The screen room has a full floor. This makes it a great option as a more sleeping space in warmer weather. The Fast Pitch system and snag-free Insta-Clip suspensions allow for a convenient setup.

There is enough room inside for two queen-sized airbeds. There is also an expandable carry bag for easy storage and transportation. Other tent features include storage pockets and window awnings. There is also an E-port and strong frame to withstand 35+ MPH winds.


  • The separate screened-in room which can be an additional sleeping area
  • Window awnings. Allow for ventilation and keep the rain out.
  • Pack up with ease with the carry bag
  • E-port for electrical power
  • Storage pockets are sewn into the side of the tent’s walls
  • Color-coded poles for easy setup
  • Protected seams
  • Wind-strong frame
  • Zipper protection
  • Waterproof floors


  • Lighter material is less durable
  • It may take more time for setup than advertised

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4. Coleman Dark Room Dome Tent with Screen Room

The Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room features Dark Room technology that blocks 97.5 percent of sunlight. This feature allows you to have a peaceful night’s sleep. This technology also reduces the level of heat during the day by 9.5 percent.

A separate floored screen room offers relief from bugs. It also provides extra ventilation and can be a sleeping space on warm nights. The tent’s WeatherTec system offers patented welded floors. Also, inverted seams to keep the rain out and your gear dry. The tent also comes with a rainfly for extra weather protection. The extended awnings let you keep the windows open for airflow. You don’t have to worry about rain getting into your tent with them open.


  • Dark Room technology blocks 97.5 percent of sunlight
  • Separate screen room for bug-free space
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to stay dry
  • Easy setup in only 15 minutes
  • Measures 9 x 7 feet with a 4-foot 11-inch center height
  • The screen room measures 9 x 4 feet


  • Rainfly doesn’t cover screen room
  • Lighter materials are less durable

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5. CORE Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room – 11 Person

The Core Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room offers a spacious front screen porch. There are also fully closable window panels. Also, full flooring throughout to house all campers and gear. There is a 7-foot center ceiling height and straight wall design to provide you with the most space.

The windows and doors feature zippered privacy panels. A fully-taped rainfly is removable in warmer weather to expose the mesh ceiling.


  • Sleeps up to 11 people and their gear comfortably
  • 86 inch center height for enough room to move around
  • Electrical port for electrical cords from outside
  • Fits 3 air beds
  • H2O block fabric to keep moisture out
  • Adjustable ventilation on each side


  • Not for severe weather
  • Lighter material is less durable

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To Wrap it up, My Personal Recommendation

The tent with the porch you choose will depend on how you intend to use this extra space. You may want to use it for an extra sleeping area. In this instance, you will want a screen room with a fully covered floor. If you are going as a large family or group, this extra porch can be a great place for family meals or to keep extra gear dry.

If I had to choose my favorite tent from the five reviewed, I would go with the Coleman Dark Room Dome Tent. The added Dark Room technology is a nice feature for summer camping. It blocks almost all the sunlight. Especially if you are one of those people who get woken up with the morning sunshine.

I also like how it keeps the tent nice and cool (keeping 9.5 percent of the heat out). I have vivid memories of camping in the hot summer weather and not being able to breathe inside a hot tent.

Whatever tent you choose, this added space will offer you more ventilation. It will also let you enjoy extra space with protection. Stay away from bugs and rain – while keeping dry and comfortable. Enjoy the outdoors a little more by choosing a tent today.

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