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Solo Travel Safety Guide


Solo Travel Guide: Inspiration for Your Trip Away

Travelling the world solo is one of life’s great adventures. You get to go wherever you want whenever you want, don’t have to accommodate anyone else’s preferences, and meet or avoid people of your choosing.

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of planning a solo trip is deciding where to go. You can visit several countries over a single period or visiting each place separately over a longer time. There are many amazing places to visit when on a solo travel holiday

solo travel guide best places

Check below for some inspiration for your first trip away!


Why Finland is great for solo travel

As one of the safest countries to visit in the world Finland is a great solo holiday for anyone wanting to visit Scandinavia. A quaint and quiet country, Finland has a variety of sites and landmarks worth visiting. This solo travel destination has a great infrastructure, friendly locals, and some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

Finland and its people are very laid back. Visiting during the summer is a great idea as the weather is much improved. You will see people enjoying a coffee or beer in the various outdoor bars and cafes throughout major cities like Helsinki.

They’re very tourist friendly too, with most speaking good English. Locals are happy to help any solo travellers with directions or just to have a pleasant chat.


Where to go while you’re there

Helsinki is probably the best place to visit in Finland when travelling solo. It has countless amazing landmarks and historical sites worth visiting. This includes 18th century island fortress Suomelinna, 19th century Helsinki Cathedral, and the bustling market square at the heart of the city.

Also expect the usual tourist friendly attractions like bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, museums, and all kinds of other attractions. Hostels are plentiful in the city too, so you’re likely to encounter fellow solo travellers.

A day trip to Turku is a great idea, with the old coastal city packed with amazing sites including a beautiful 13th century castle. A trip to northern region Lapland is a must for any winter travellers – it’s a winter wonderland in every sense.


Why England is great for UK solo travel

England and the wider UK are a great place to visit as a solo traveller, mainly because everyone speaks English. The country is incredibly safe for travellers of every demographic. Great transport links and an abundance of historical sites and charming places to visit make it perfect for any solo traveller.

As a small country, this benefits solo travellers, as there is so much to see and do across the country. You can get to most places in less than a day. If you love exploring various towns, villages, or getting lost in big cities, England has it all.

London England

Where to go while you’re there

London is an obvious choice for visiting England, with countless tourist attractions worth checking out. Many attractions are completely free to visit. These attractions include the National Gallery, British Museum, and Houses of Parliament – just a few of the many places you can visit for free.

And there are some fantastic walks to be had around London too and even stunning beaches can be found just outside of the city. Beaches are probably best saved for the summer months, as England is known for its unpredictable weather.

The capital city is packed with different types of eateries too, from Michelin star restaurants to local street vendors selling every type of food imaginable!

Of course, there is more to England than just London. For a quintessential English experience, medieval towns such Oxford and Cambridge are worth visiting. These towns are home to renowned universities, museums, libraries, and other ancient sites.

For a more vibrant experience, consider visiting northern cities like Liverpool, Manchester, or Newcastle. Packed with lots of beautiful architecture. Locals from these cities are incredibly welcoming while the nightlife is second to none. If you’re looking for a good night out then a few days in northern England is a must.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind while taking in some amazing sites, there are a variety of luxury spas located throughout England. Some of these are even based in refurbished castles and country manors – you’ll be treated just like the royal family!


Why Singapore is great for solo travel

As one of the safest countries in the world today, Singapore is a fine choice for your first solo trip. It is a great solo travel trip idea if you want to go somewhere in Asia or are looking to enjoy great weather and even better food.

Since Singapore is a tourist-centric country, it’s easy enough to find locals speaking English. This is good in bigger cities where you may get lost and for eating and shopping. There are a lot international tourists to meet and mingle with, depending on how much company you may want during your trip.

If you love Asian culture and cuisine then Singapore has a lot to offer. The food is incredible, with authentic Malay, Indian, and Chinese food readily available for very reasonable prices.

Some places are a bit costlier, especially in the cosmopolitan parts of the city-island. Its easy enough to find affordable shopping, dining, and accommodation.

singapore gardens

Where to go while you’re there

Singapore is great for solo travel as all the best attractions are located within a single city. There are various amazing places to visit, from the cosmopolitan Marina Bay to the exotic Gardens by the Bay. There is even a Universal Studios for anyone looking for a fun day out.

Chinatown is a bustling part of the city that showcases the multicultural side of Singapore. It is home to many impressive sits including the oldest Buddhist temple in Singapore.

Known for its incredible shopping, Orchard Road is Singapore’s answer to London’s Oxford Street or New York’s Fifth Avenue. While you may not want to buy much, just exploring the various boutiques, department stores, cafes, bars, and restaurants is a great way to spend a day in Singapore.


Why Norway is great for solo travel in Europe

Norway is another very safe country with virtually no violent crime, making it another good choice for solo travel. Norwegians are very progressive and forward thinking. The country is remarkably welcoming to tourists and the number of people speaking fluent English speaks is nothing short of incredible.

It is quite a large and sparsely populated country and it’s often best to keep your travels close to major towns and cities. Travel networks are certainly good enough to get you around the country. Day trips to more rural parts of Norway widely available and affordable.

Lots of accommodation is found throughout Norway. This is great for meeting other solo travellers, with various B&Bs, hostels, and Airbnbs available.

Lofoten Norway

Where to go while you’re there

Norway’s capital city Oslo is probably the best place to visit as a solo traveller. It has lots of affordable accommodation, great food, and great transport links. There is also no shortage of museums, galleries, and historical landmarks.

Take a day trip out from Oslo into the Norwegian countryside. This cannot be recommended enough, as the natural landscapes throughout the country are breath-taking. Discover towering mountain peaks to winding fjords. There are fewer better ways to spend a day than in the Norwegian countryside.

For other amazing places to go in Norway, the Lofton Islands, Bergen, and UNESCO World Heritage site the Geirangerfjord are worth checking out.


Why Canada is great for solo travel

Friendly locals, modern amenities, and low crime make Canada well worth visiting on a solo trip. Whether you love the great outdoors or want to wander through bustling cities, Canada has it all. Great transport links allow travellers to see as much of the country as they desire.

Visit in the summer months, as Canada can get quite cold during the winter.  Various festivals and events are held during the warmer months. Canadians are also known for being super friendly, which is music to ears of any solo traveller. It is also helpful that everyone speaks English – unless you find yourself in French-speaking Quebec.

Lake Louise Canada

Where to go while you’re there – ideas for a Canadian solo adventure

Canada’s major cities are unique in their own special way, so visiting any one of them is recommended, with Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver are some of the top attractions.

Each one is packed with things to see and do, including museums, historical landmarks, art galleries, bars, cafes, restaurants. All your typical attractions are found in a major city.

You might enjoy Canada’s natural landscapes more than their cities, as the country is home to some truly beautiful nature. There are national parks in every province in Canada. No matter where you’re visiting you can check one out.

This is highly recommended, as the national parks offer a look a Canada’s diverse landscapes. Enjoy a trip to the crystal clear lakes, hot springs, winding canyons, rolling hillsides, golden beaches, and sprawling forests.

Visit Canada’s national parks – they are completely free. The only money you need to spend is on supplies and transport to and from the park.


Why Uzbekistan is a great solo travel destination

It can be challenging as a solo traveller to find a safe yet remote country to visit, but Uzbekistan ticks all these boxes. If you want a more unique travel destination, be sure to consider this central Asian country. Here you can find a destination with a fascinating and rich history that most are unfamiliar with.

Uzbekistan has also significantly improved its transport links in recent years. It is surprisingly easy to travel across different parts of the country. Crime is very low here thanks to a strong onus on security, so travelling throughout Uzbekistan is very safe.

Bukhara Uzbekistan

Where to go while you’re there – best destinations

Stay in Uzbekistan’s capital city Tashkent. This is a good idea if you are solo traveller visiting the country for the first time. It has great transport network to the rest of the country along with lots of beautiful and diverse architecture and historical landmarks.

The Chorsu Bazaar is a huge marketplace packed with stalls selling all kinds of foods, gifts, and unique trinkets. Tashkent Tower features a great observatory with a stunning view of the city. The Amir Timur Museum and Kukeldash Madrasah are perfect if you are interested in the cultural sites in Tashkent.

Beyond the capital, take a trip to the various settlements located along the historic Silk Road. This is highly recommended. For example, you can get a train from Tashkent to Samarkand. This is one of Asia’s oldest cities that lies at the crossroads of the Silk Road that was once visited by Alexandra the Great.

Samarkand and many other Uzbekistani cities are teeming with ancient landmarks and architecture. Each major city is very tourist friendly and full of things to see and do during your stay.

Plan your solo trip to Uzbekistan today >>

Plan your solo travel adventure today!

As you can see, there are so many fantastic places worth visiting for your first trip as a solo traveller. These countries have so much to offer while staying safe, welcoming, and easy enough to navigate. The biggest issue you’ll have is deciding which place to visit first!

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