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heavy duty camping chair
If you’re in a hurry and want to know my choice for the best heavy-duty camping chair, I recommend the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty camping chair, there are many great options available. These chairs are strong, reliable, and designed for taller and bigger people. They provide extra room to sit in comfort. With these chairs, you will have more room to sit no matter how big you are.

The worst thing to happen is to have a chair that breaks after one use. This is often because it is made from cheap fabric and material. There are plenty of camping chairs available made from quality fabrics and materials. This allows you to bring them on camping trips over and over again.

Find our guide to the best heavy duty camping chairs with reviews below.

What are the benefits of a heavy-duty camping chair?

Holds more weight

Because these chairs are made with strong, durable fabric they are able to hold more weight. Also, they have a stronger frame (usually steel) that makes them durable and stable to sit in. Many of these chairs can support up to 800 pounds of weight which is much more than any classic camping chair.

Provides more space

Heavy duty camping chairs take into account space. They are designed with roomy seat widths so you can lounge in comfort. You will never feel crammed into a seat.

More comfort for larger people

As mentioned, these chairs have been engineered with larger people in mind. You might be a person who doesn’t need the extra weight capacity. You will still get more comfort and strength compared to an ordinary camping chair.

heavy duty camping chairs side table

What features to look for when buying a heavy-duty camping chair?

Weight limit

You might be buying this chair because you need it to accommodate more weight. Make sure that the weight limit is appropriate. For example, some chairs have a limit of 300 lbs all the way up to 800 lbs. This will help give you peace of mind if you want to be able to rely on your chair.

Frame strength

Most all heavy duty camping chairs use a steel frame. This is because steel has a high strength that is able to hold more weight. I recommend choosing a chair that uses a steel frame for this reason.

Steel is made from strong, touch metal. This consists of iron alloyed with small percentages of carbon and other metals.

Steel is classified into low, medium, and high carbon. Most metal camping chairs are made of low-carbon steel. This is because it is less expensive. Also, the strength of high carbon steel is not needed for them.


The sturdiness of your heavy-duty camping chair will depend on fabric type. It also depends on the frame material. As mentioned, you should look for a strong polyester fabric matched with a steel frame. This will ensure your chair is sturdy and robust for anyone using it.

Adjustable features

As strength is important, so is flexibility with your chair. Look for chairs that allow you to adjust settings with parts like the armrests and base.

You might not be the only person using it. Someone else might want to adjust it so that they can sit comfortably.

You may even need to adjust the base depending on the terrain. With the ability to adjust the base, you won’t have to worry about uneven ground.

best folding heavy duty camping chair

Seat width

Look for a chair that is wide enough to sit in. You want to have plenty of space to stretch out. The last thing you want is to squeeze yourself into a tiny chair.

The heavy-duty camping chairs are usually made with generous seat space. This will give you plenty of room to breathe. Most seat widths are 20 inches or more.

The fabric quality of heavy duty camping chairs

Look for a heavy-duty camping chair using strong polyester fabric. This is because polyester can stand up to the elements, sun exposure, and frequent use very well. It offers durability, strength as well as affordable prices.

Advantages of polyester fabric in chairs include:

  • high strength
  • waterproof, UV proof, oil
  • abrasive resistant
  • durable
  • comfortable
  • affordable

Denier measurement
Polyester fabrics are made available in several thicknesses. These include 600D, 300D and more. Some of the deniers such as the 300D are the lightweight fabric that still falls in the heavy-duty category.

The ‘D’ behind every type of polyester fabric stands for ‘denier’. This describes the total thickness of the fabric. The higher the number of deniers, the higher the thickness of the fabric.

Waterproofing and PU coating
To become waterproof, polyester goes through a process called PU (Polyurethane) coating. The fabric gets sprayed with the coating material. It then becomes waterproof giving it strength and durability.

Another benefit of polyester fabric is that it dries quickly if there is a rainstorm. Also, it can be easily wiped clean if you drop some food on it.

It also tends to hold its shape better than cotton. This is because the fibers have more resilience. This helps to prevent the saggy look that some chairs get over time.

Flame resistant or not
Keep in mind that polyester is vulnerable to heat or burns. Be careful having your chair too close to the campfire to avoid a dangerous situation.

Some chairs are made with fabrics that are UV resistant. Also, mildew resistant and flame resistant. This is a bonus if you can find fabric with these added features.

Extra features

Some heavy-duty camping chairs come with bells and whistles that can add some layers of comfort. I’ve listed a few below that could make your chair even better.

  • Cup holder – A cup holder to cradle your beverage could be great for your morning coffee.
  • Side tableSome of these chairs come with a side table to put food, beverages or other items. Relax with drinks or snacks at hand.
  • Side pocketsA large mesh pocket is a great place for storing small items. Keep them accessible and off the ground.
  • Carry bag for the chairThis allows you to transport and store your chair with ease.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair has a sturdy powder-coated steel frame with a 600D polyester fabric. The quality allows you to enjoy this chair over a lifetime.

This heavy duty camping chair can hold up to 800 pounds. Fold it up, fit it in your carry bag. Conveniently bring it with you on your trip. This chair comes in three color options. Choose from Deep Sea, Salsa, or Khaki color options.


  • Patented, powder-coated steel frame
  • Ability to support up to 800 lbs.
  • Strong 600D polyester fabric
  • Roomy seat width of 24.5 inches wide
  • Two cup holders
  • Two side pockets
  • Large back pocket


  • Not designed for people under 6 feet
  • Complaints of an uncomfortable bar under thighs in reviews

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ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair

The ALPHA Camp Oversized Camping Chair is a folding camping chair. It is easy to set up and fold in seconds.

You can collapse it down to just 9.05” x 38.58” and it weighs only 13.2 pounds. You can easily transport it and store it away.

It offers a large seat area with 600 x 300D padded oxford fabric. Also, padded armrest to ensure comfort. It also has a hammer-tone powder coating to prevent corrosion and fading. There is a heavy-duty steel frame to support up to 450 pounds.

Added features include a durable mesh cup holder and armrest at the right height to allow you to relax. As well as side pocket storage for small items.


  • 600 x 300D oxford fabric
  • Can support up to 450 lbs
  • A drink holder for water bottles
  • Armrest at the right height to relax
  • Cooler bag to feel cool on a summer day
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Convenient side pockets


  • It may be too big for smaller people

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Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

The Coleman chair provides extra room and ruggedness to relax at your campsite or BBQ in comfort. It has a heavy-duty oversized design. There is two feet of room to sit and supports up to 600 lbs.

It has a Seat Drain system that empties any standing water that collects in the seat from rain or dew. This helps provide a dry place to sit.

Also, there is a CellPort water-resistant cell phone sleeve on the arm. This lets you put your phone in a protective, clear PC case. It has all the touchscreen displays.

There is also a media pocket in the phone sleeve flat. This offers you storage space for small items like headphones or a music players.

Other features include an insulated cup holder, fully cushioned seat, and carry bag for easy transport and storage.


  • Great stability thanks to oversize seats and large feet.
  • Draining seat that empties collected water from the seat.
  • A water-resistant sleeve that protects electronics.
  • Dimensions 24” wide, 19” tall
  • Built to last with a strong steel frame
  • Supports 600 lbs
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Some people might not like ‘Big-N-Tall’ printed on carrying bag
  • Bars on the sides may be uncomfortable
  • May find it too narrow if you are a bigger person

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KingCamp Heavy Duty Lumbar Back Support Chair

The KingCamp lumbar support chair is great for camping or picnics. It’s a sturdy and comfortable folding chair that includes a drink holder, cooler bag, and side stash pocket.

The chair offers lumbar back support for added comfort. There is an alignment strap to ensure your lumber stays in place on your chair.

The chair has a sturdy powder-coated steel frame with 600D polyester fabric. The high-strength steel structure and design evenly distribute your weight.

The oversized frame is 23.5 x 23.5 x 41. It has a 23.5” padded seat area. The chair can support weight up to 353 lbs.

This chair weighs 11.3 lbs and is light enough to pack in your car trunk. The packed size is 38 x 9 x 8 inches. Includes shoulder carry bag for easy storage and transport.


  • Lumbar back support for added comfort.
  • High strength steel frame
  • Durable 600D polyester fabric
  • Cooler bag.
  • Side pocket for items.
  • Head storage bag.


  • Bars beneath thighs may be uncomfortable
  • Heavy to carry around
  • Not designed for those under 6 feet

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KingCamp Heavy Duty Mesh Chair

The KingCamp Heavy Duty Mesh Chair has a clever design. It folds twice and so you can pack it much better than other chairs like it.

When packed it is almost square at 20 x 19 x 6 inches. This makes it easy to put in the trunk of your car. This chair weighs 11.9 lbs making it easy to transport.

No assembly required as it is a folding chair. You can deploy it in seconds.

It can support a weight of up to 300 lbs. The seat front is 18.5 inches above the ground. The seat has a width of 20.5”. There is a reinforced mesh back and a button that is sturdy and breathable. The 600D Oxford fabric is durable and wear-resistant.

Also, a padded armrest and headrest for extra support and a side table with a cup holder to relax with drinks and snacks.


  • Heavy duty and sturdy, rugged steel frame
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Mesh back and bottom, sturdy and breathable
  • Padded armrests and headrest for comfort
  • Durable 600D Oxford fabric


  • Heavy to transport
  • Some find it uncomfortable. Could have more back support
  • The joints of the frame are plastic and could break

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My recommendation

The heavy-duty camping chair you choose will depend on your personal requirements. You may be looking for something more spacious. Or a chair that offers more features for comfort.

If I had to pick my favorite from the chairs reviewed, I would go with the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair. The sturdy powder-coated steel frame and 600D polyester fabric offer stability and comfort. There is also an adjustable armrest. As well as a cup holder and side pocket for added comfort and storage.

Heavy duty camping chairs offer extra weight capacity, comfort, and strength. They are usually lightweight and easy to transport. It’s easy to take them with you on your next camping trip.

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