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Best Hammock Tarp (Rain Fly) for Camping

best hammock tarp
If you’re in a hurry and want to know my choice for the best hammock tarp, then I recommend the Rain Fly EVOLUTION Hammock Waterproof Tent TARP.

One of the biggest problems with a camping hammock is protecting yourself from rain and windy weather. With a hammock tarp (rainfly), you can stay dry and warm no matter the weather conditions. All you need to do is place the tarp over your hammock so the elements don’t ruin your camping trip.

There are many different tarps to choose from. They have different fabrics, configurations, and rigging options. By choosing the best hammock tarp, you can customize your shelter system to match your conditions.

In this article we will review the best hammock tarps (rainfly):

What are the benefits of a hammock tarp?

Keeps you dry and comfortable with weather protection

A hammock on its own isn’t enough to keep you protected from the elements. By adding a hammock tarp overhead, you will shield yourself from rainy weather. Feel secure lounging underneath. They are ideal for weathering sudden downpours or building a waterfront basecamp.

best camping hammock tarp rain fly

Provides sunshade

In addition to protecting you from the rain, a hammock tarp is great for UV protection. With a tarp overhead, you don’t have to worry about getting too much sun and heat. Instead, you can relax in the shade. Some tarps come with inner silver layers that provide even more UV protection in the sun.

Multi-purpose use

Another great benefit of a hammock tarp is that it can be used for different things. For example, you can use it as a hammock rain fly, tent footprint, sun canopy, rain tarp shelter, picnic blanket, beach blanket, camping moisture-proof pad, shade tarp for the beach and park, tent cover, and more. The list goes on and on.

What features to look for when choosing the best hammock tarp?

Dimensions of the hammock tarp

Choose a hammock tarp that is big enough to cover and protect you. It might be a good idea to buy one that is extra large. Anything around 10 ft by 10 ft should be more than enough to cover you and a double hammock if required.

hammock tarp for camping

Ease of setup

Look for a hammock tarp that you can set up in a few minutes. There are already a lot of things you need to set up on a camping trip. Keep it simple for yourself. Look for tarps with fixing holes that make it convenient for adjusting its shape according to conditions.

Material quality

We recommend looking for a rain tarp with synthetic fabric such as polyester or nylon. This is because they are affordable and also weatherproof fabrics that will give you the protection you need.

Choose a tarp that is durable, tear, and puncture-resistant. You should also check that it is a ripstop fabric. This means it has been woven with a special reinforcing technique to make it resistant to tearing and ripping.

best hammock rain fly price

Weight, storage, and transport

This item should be lightweight and easy to carry. Choose a hammock tarp that is no more than 2 pounds – any more is too heavy. It should also be small enough to fit into a backpack when folded up. Many come with a drawstring pouch that makes them convenient to take on trips or store when not in use.

Extra accessories

Items like guy lines and stakes are helpful if they are included with the hammock rain fly. Otherwise, you will need to make these purchases separately.

Rain Fly EVOLUTION Hammock Waterproof Tent TARP

The Rain Fly EVOLUTION hammock tarp comes with everything you need. You can have protection in minutes. The tarp is ripstop and weatherproof with high-quality PU. It is also lightweight and backpacker-approved. All you need to do is hang it between two trees and secure the 4 points with provided ropes and stakes.


  • All accessories included
  • Includes military-grade 5-in-1 survival kit
  • Blocks all rain and UV rays
  • Heavy-duty and lightweight material
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Carabiners could be more durable
  • Heavier than advertised

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FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Portable Tarp

The Wise Owl Outfitters rain tarp will protect you from the elements during any season. It features 210T ripstop nylon, reinforced (double nylon) connection points. It also has waterproof sealed and taped seams. This tarp is 11 ft by 9 ft and weighs only 26 oz. The premium version includes 4 high-quality aluminum stakes, six guy lines that are 10 ft each and already attached.


  • High quality and durable nylon material
  • Reinforced (double nylon) connection points
  • Waterproof sealed and taped seams
  • 6 ten foot long cords for attachment
  • Impenetrable water barrier
  • 4 high-quality aluminum tent stakes
  • Tighteners on every cord for easy adjustment
  • 11 ft long by 9 ft wide
  • Packs down to 5’’ x 9’’
  • Weighs 26 oz


  • Some reviews mentioned a lose stitching

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FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Portable Tarp

The Free Soldier portable hammock tarp is made of 210T ripstop polyester fabric with a 2500 PU waterproof rating. It is heavy-duty and portable. Dimensions are 118’’ x 126’’ when expanded and are enough for 2 people. It conveniently folds up into a lightweight sack when not in use. It weighs only 42 oz.

This tarp includes everything you need to set it up. One hammock rain fly, four nylon guy lines with tensioners, and one stuff sack.


  • Waterproof and UV protection
  • Strong and stable fabric
  • Portable and convenient to transport
  • Accessories included
  • Simple to operate


  • Could be more durable

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

The Outdoors Way Hammock Tarp

The Outdoors Way hammock tarp will keep you covered. This tarp is the right size to make sure you have portable protection. It is totally standalone and can be used for multiple purposes. It has a 12 ft ridgeline so you don’t have to worry that your feet or head will get cold. Also, 210D ripstop nylon fabric is tough and waterproof.


  • Durable material. 210D ripstop nylon tarp
  • Lightweight and sturdy. 4 aluminum tent stakes included
  • Holds up to wind and weather. 6 guy lines included.
  • Carry sack included
  • Reinforced corners designed to prevent tearing
  • 142’’ length and 86.6’’ width
  • Simple and easy setup


  • The material could be more durable

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

SKL Hammock Rain Fly Tent Tarp

The SKL hammock rain fly tent tarp will offer you shade from the sun, break from the wind, and shelter from rain or snow. It includes 8 tie-down loops. It’s easy to set up with stakes and ropes.

The ripstop nylon material is lightweight, waterproof, and durable. It also has a 2000 PU waterproof rating which is double the waterproof standard. The interior 2 person tent footprint also has a silver PU to prevent strong sunshine and protect from the UV rays.



  • Waterproof and durable. Ripstop nylon material. 2000 PU waterproof rating.
  • UV protection. Silver PU coating.
  • Lightweight and portable. Weighs only 1.65 lbs.
  • 10’ rain fly specifications


  • Not for heavy storms
  • Could be more durable

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

My recommendation

The best part about hammock camping is sleeping under the stars. But, what happens if storm clouds roll in? Just as you would never go camping without a tent, you shouldn’t have a hammock without a tarp. This lightweight addition is easy to set up and takedown. It will also provide you the protection you need against the weather.

If I had to choose my favorite from the best hammock tarps reviewed, I would go with the Rain Fly EVOLUTION Hammock Waterproof Tent TARP. This is a heavy-duty tarp that will protect you from rain, wind, and UV rays. It will keep you warm and dry.

I also like that it is lightweight and backpacker-approved. It’s only 1.5 lbs extra to pack. It’s also cool that this hammock tarp comes with a 5-in-1 survival kit with a waterproof compass, whistle, fire starter, and knife (a great bonus).

As you can see there are a few different types of hammock tarps available. They have all been designed to thrive in different environments. From simple overhead tarps with basic protection to ones that can withstand a heavy downpour. Whether you’re looking for something simple or a four-season tarp, you’ll have it covered by investing in one of these tarps for your next trip.

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