Exploring Europe Via the Euro 2020 Host Cities

Rome, Italy
Every Euro Championship is special, but this year’s edition is a little more special than normal. Unlike other editions, there won’t be one single host for the tournament. Instead, the matches will take place in eleven venues all over Europe.

UEFA decided to mix things up to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the inaugural tournament, and this one promises to be a true party! Of course, if you haven’t yet booked your flights/accommodation/match tickets, then it’s probably too late to see the action live.

But fear not, because there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the action from home. You can host viewing parties, back your team for glory using a free bet offer, and simply commit to making the tournament a priority for the month. The host cities will be there to enjoy long after the tournament has ended!


Amsterdam is a bicycle-friendly, canal-heavy city that offers plenty by way of fun during the summer months. After exploring the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, take yourself to Vondelpark. It’s the largest in the Dutch capital and is a worthy destination in its own right, with theatre spaces, flower gardens, and cafes galore.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


The capital city of Azerbaijan has plenty to offer visitors, and especially if you’re a fan of Medieval architecture. The Old City is one of the best in Europe and features several notable buildings that are worth exploring, including the Palace of the ShirvanShahs and Maiden’s Tower.

Bazu, Azerbajan


Located in the Basque region of Spain, Bilbao is a city unlike any other in the country. There’s no shortage of museums and mighty impressive churches to see, but don’t fret if you’re not a culture vulture — the ambiance of the city is second-to-none during the summer months when everything is alive.

Bilbao, Spain


Romania’s capital city is an underrated gem that delights at every turn. There are parks, museums, and plenty of history to explore. If you only have one day, stick to the Old Town, and make sure you see Parliament Palace, the largest parliament building in the world!

Bucharest, Romania


Budapest offers the best of both worlds. Old-time traditions meet a young population to create a vibrant, happening place. Everyone loves visiting the city and you will too. Be sure to check out some classical music while you’re there: it is among the best in the world.

Budapest, Hungary


Perhaps the friendliest big city in Europe, Copenhagen has exceptional architecture and art museums galore. In the summer, everyone’s in a good mood and eager to live the long Danish days (the sun barely sets) to the fullest.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Glasgow is quickly developing a reputation for being the coolest city in Europe. Full of great pubs, it’s a guaranteed good time, though it’s best to still take a raincoat with you even if you’re visiting at the height of summer. Rain is the status quo of Glasgow.

Glasgow, UK


Simply one of the finest cities in the world, offering absolutely everything that you could ask for. You won’t see everything in one visit, so be sure to plan multiple trips.

London, England


History, great beer halls, and the outdoors will all be readily accessible when you pay for a trip to Munich. There’s no wrong time to visit the German capital; winters are cold but do offer skiing, after all. If you want to see the city at the peak of its powers, then go during the annual Oktoberfest.

Schleissheim, Munich, Germany.


Europe’s most beautiful city? Perhaps. If you’re in any way enchanted by the Italian way of life, then you’ll love Rome. It is a wonder of the world.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

St Petersburg

A city like no other. The whole city is beautiful, with buildings, unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere on earth. It’s like stepping into another world.

St. Petersburg, Russia


A Spanish city with a strong identity, Sevilla teems with life. It’s best to avoid visiting in August, but any other time is golden.

Plaza de Espana, Sevilla, Spain

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