Cleeve Hill Walk on The Cotswolds Way

Cotswold Way

About the Cleeve Hill Walk

The Cleeve Hill Walk is a 6-mile circular ring walk that is part of the The Cotswolds Way National Trail (102-miles of footpath along the Cotswold Hills in England).

From London, it was well worth the drive on a Saturday morning to enjoy this hike. We did the hike in 2.5 hours. It takes most people around 3 to 4 hours to complete the 6 mile path. There is a shorter and longer option for this hike (4 or 6 miles). The difficulty is rated as moderate since there are some steep sections but it is generally level ground.

On the Cleeve Hill Walk, you can expect open hilltops, stream crossings, dense forests and limestone grasslands. You can also expect to see wild-flowers and butterflies in this region. The best part about this walk is the incredible views (that unfortunately we missed since it was an overcast day). Regardless of the weather, this was a beautiful walk with a range of scenery.

The National Trails offers a great map and description of the Cleeve Hill Common Ring Walk here.

Woodlands along the Cleeve Hill Ring Walk
Cotwolds Way Woodlands

Cleeve Hill Ring Walk Map

Cotswolds Way Farm & Stables
Cotswolds Way Farm &Stables
Snail on The Cotswolds Way
Snail on The Cotswolds Way

You will pass the Cleeve Hill Golf Course during part of the walk. The above video gives a nice idea of the landscape at that point.


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Map Image Source: Walking Englishman

Amy Pritchett

Amy Pritchett

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