Borger Dalr Geology Walk in the Lake District

Castle Crag Walk from Grange

About the Borger Dalr Geology Walk in Cumbria

We started the Borger Dalr Geology Walk at Borrowdale from Grange to Castle Crag. This walk offers beautiful views of the countryside and is an adventurous afternoon hike. The fell-walker and author Alfred Wainwright once described this area as, “the finest square mile in Lakeland.”

This hike is challenging yet rewarding. The ascent is gradual and becomes increasingly steep. Enjoy forest, streams and endless views along the way. The best view is of course at the top. The grade is moderate and the walk is 4 miles long. This walk should take you about 3 hours to complete. The National Trust offers Borrowdale hike details here.

Borger Dalr Geology Walk from Grange
Borger Dalr Geology Walk from Grange

If you plan on doing the Borger Dalr Geology Walk in the early afternoon, I recommend bringing a picnic and enjoying lunch at the top of the ancient hillfort at Castle Crag. We stopped by Saddleback Cafe in the morning (Keswick town) and brought some tuna sandwiches with us.

View from the Top of Castle Crag
View from the Top of Castle Crag in the North Western Fells

We didn’t have proper hiking shoes/gear but were fine balancing ourselves on rock outcrops. Other hikers were better equipped with walking sticks. If you are thinking about doing this hike, definitely take your time getting to the top and wear appropriate gear.

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