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best thing in every state


With a new president in the White House this February, we thought we could look at what we love most about every state in this nation. At a time when we are feeling divided, there are so many great things about this country we can appreciate together. analyzed Google search results to determine what Americans love the most about each state. The results are mostly what you’d expect and will probably fill you with a bit of nostalgia depending on where you live.

Find the list here of the best thing about every state:

Alabama: southern hospitality

Alaska: fishing

Arizona: sunny days

Arkansas: pine trees

California: legal pot

Colorado: The Rockies

Connecticut: small-town charm

Delaware: gardens

District of Columbia: museums

Florida: Gulf sunsets

Georgia: peaches

Hawaii: surfing

Idaho: potatoes

Illinois: starry nights

Indiana: canyons

Iowa: corn on the cob

Kansas: sunflowers

Kentucky: bourbon

Louisiana: jazz music

Maine: lobsters

Maryland: crabs

Massachusetts: basketball

Michigan: Great Lakes

Minnesota: hockey

Mississippi: hot tamales

Missouri: pro sports

Montana: skiing

Nebraska: Huskers football

Nevada: Vegas, baby!

New Hampshire: fall foliage

New Jersey: pizza

New Mexico: aliens

New York: wineries

North Carolina: mountains

North Dakota: prairies

Ohio: Rock and Roll

Oklahoma: exciting weather

Oregon: breweries

Pennsylvania: Wawa

Rhode Island: coffee milk

South Carolina: southern charm

South Dakota: chicken fried steak

Tennessee: country music

Texas: pickup trucks

Utah: ski resorts

Vermont: maple syrup

Virginia: theme parks

Washington: Starbucks

West Virginia: swimmin’ holes

Wisconsin: cheese

Wyoming: cowboys