5 Best Quick Tents for Instant Setup

best quick tent
If you’re in a hurry and want to know our pick for the best quick tent, we recommend the Xiaomi Zenph Automatic Popup Tent.

Choosing the best quick tent to put up will depend on personal preference. There are different tents available, from instant cabins to dome-style tents. These quick-setup tents offer a range of space and interior options.

Other factors to consider include budget and the time of year you will be camping. For example, if you plan to camp in winter, you might want more waterproofing and isolation with your tent.

In this article, we review the most accessible tents to set up by yourself:

What are the advantages of having a quick-pitch tent?

The best quick tent is easiest to set up by yourself

Looking for the most accessible tent to put up alone? One of the most significant benefits of having a quick-to-pitch tent is that you don’t need anyone’s help. You also don’t need to go through a lengthy instruction manual to put it up.

Quick tents are also easier to handle. First, you need to unfold the tent, extend the poles, and lock it into place. Then, Ta-da… your tent is ready to go!

Not too expensive

Quick-to-put-up tents are usually a lot less expensive than traditional tents. However, the cost of your tent will usually depend on the brand you go with and the model. Some will be more costly than others.

An excellent option for first-time campers or children

You might be only beginning to explore the wonderful world of camping. You might not be too familiar with pitching a tent or setting camp.

I remember camping with my family as a child. My sister and I had a two-person quick-to-set-up tent to construct ourselves, giving us a great introduction to camping as children. We were always so proud of ourselves once we had set the tent up with no help from our parents!

A quick tent offers beginner hikers like yourself something you can construct. Most quick-to-pitch tents come with poles that are simple to go into place. You can shape your tent straight away.

How to choose the best quick tent? What features to look for when buying a temporary tent?

two people mountains instant tent

Type of quick tent

Instant cabin tents. One option is an instant cabin tent. These tents are usually square or rectangular, making them easy to set up. These tents are spacious and typically accommodate six to 12 people.

The ceilings of these models are generally high. People can stand up and walk around without their heads hitting the top. The best part about cabin tents is that they can be set up and easily folded with only one person to fix them on the ground.

Instant dome tents. Another type of quick tent is the instant dome tent. These are the most miniature versions available. They come with heavily weighted poles. To set it up, unravel it, lift the tent’s center section, and press the switch down.

The best part about instant dome tents is that many only take 60 seconds to set up. They are also a lot lighter than the instant cabin tent models. Also, each part of the tent is usually well attached. Therefore, there is less chance of losing parts or deciding which part goes where.

A drawback is that it is not ideal if you’re looking to go backpacking. You are unable to break it into parts to transport. It also needs to be secure to the ground when drying.

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How easy it is to set up

How much time and energy will you spend setting up your tent? Most instant tents will offer a shorter setup time, which is their purpose and what their design provides. You won’t have to fumble with poles or read complicated instructions.

But, the setup time will differ depending on the size and style of your tent. Some may take under a minute, while others take 15 or more to erect.

Are you taking one other person on your trip? In this case, you want to ensure that your tent is simple and doesn’t take too much energy. You may want to consider a popup family-style tent.


The capacity depends on how many people you need to accommodate. If it’s a larger group, I recommend an instant cabin tent. If it’s two people, an instant dome tent would be appropriate. Of course, the larger you go, the more you spend on your tent.

Porches and screen rooms

A tent with a porch could offer a nice place to relax or take a little nap in warmer months. It’s also a great way to escape unwanted bugs and flies! A porch also offers an excellent refuge for waiting out a thunderstorm.

Single or double skin

Tents are usually single or double-skinned. Your choice depends on your preference. Single-skinned tents are generally lighter in weight compared to double-skinned tents.

Yet, double-skinned tents offer you added insulation. They also have more protection from rain and weather factors.

quick tent instant setup

How do you set up an instant tent?

A quick-to-pitch tent will make your life easier. The poles and attachments come pre-assembled, meaning you don’t need to spend time putting them together.

The body of the tent and frames are already put together. Unfold and lift the tent to construct it.

With the dome-style tents, you put them together like an umbrella. Cabin tents have telescopic poles. You will need to assemble them before pitching them on the ground.

Assemble your tent until you hear it click together. Then, a spring button will come out, and you can lock the pole to the desired length.

Quick Tent Reviews

1. Coleman Instant Cabin Tent – 4, 6, or 10 Person

The Coleman Instant Cabin Tent makes setting up your camp simpler and quicker. This tent comes with pre-attached poles that make setting up your camp simple. All you need to do is unfold, extend, and secure them. You can assemble this tent in a minute, giving you plenty of time to start your camping adventure.


  • Convenient storage – packs up in an expandable carrying bag
  • WeatherTec System – stay dry in the rain
  • Quick & easy setup – set up your tent in about a minute
  • Darkroom technology – blocks 90% of sunlight


  • Not for extreme weather
  • Heavy to transport

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2. Coleman Sundome Tent – 2, 3, 4, or 6 Person

The Coleman Sundome Tent sleeps six campers and includes a large door for easy entry and exit. It also has a hooded fly to provide ventilation even during a rainstorm. There is a sizeable hooded window to provide extra airflow. Mesh vents are on the roof. The floor is a bathtub style which is helpful for extreme weather protection.


  • WeatherTec System – seams that help keep water out
  • Enhanced ventilation – windows and vents for airflow
  • Storage pockets – pockets in tent walls
  • E-port – extension cords can go through the e-port


  • Not a four-season tent

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3. CORE Instant Cabin Tent – 9 Person

The CORE Instant Cabin tent has a 14′ by 9′ floor plan, sleeping nine adults in sleeping bags and camping gear. This tent has advanced vents. They draw cool air from ground vents and allow hot air to leave through the mesh ceiling, making this tent great for warmer months. This tent also has a removable rainfly, helping to add some added protection for rainstorms.


  • H2O block technology. Seams that are heat-sealed from the rainfly down to the floor.
  • Time-saving, instant setup. Telescoping poles come pre-attached to the structure. Pop the tent up in a few seconds.
  • Large T-door. Provides easy access and excellent airflow.
  • Room divider. Detachable room divider for added privacy.


  • Not four season tent. Best for warmer weather.
  • Not made for extreme weather conditions or high wind.

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4. Xiaomi Zenph Automatic Pop Up Tent

This tent boasts a three-second auto-opening, opening it like a magic trick. In addition, the Zenph Automatic Popup Tent has a three-dimensional ventilation system, strengthening air convection and promoting double ventilation. This tent is a good choice for summer, where you can enjoy a refreshing breeze.


  • 3-second auto-opening. Throw it in the sky, and it opens.
  • Super tent space. Ample space for two to three people (102*62*43 inches).
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof. The entire tent has PU material with a waterproof coating.
  • Breathability and ventilation. Three-dimensional ventilation system.
  • Net isolation of mosquitoes.


  • Not highly durable.
  • Not for extreme weather conditions.

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5. Abco Tech Popup Tent – 2 Person

The Abco Tech Popup Tent is easy to set up and store, providing the convenience of camping wherever you want. This auto tent is an excellent option for casual campers or travelers who enjoy time outdoors.


  • Camp anytime and anywhere.
  • Easy to set up and store. Designed for your comfort. Breathable with windows at the front and back.
  • Complete privacy.
  • Heavy-duty built.
  • Ideal size for two people.



  • It may collect condensation because of the material.
  • You may find it difficult to fold back up.

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My recommendation for an instant tent

If you’re looking for a tent that takes a minute to set up, one of the above quick-to-set-up tents is a good option. These tents allow you to set up camp, giving you more time to enjoy nature and explore with your family or your other half.

If I had to pick my favorite, I would go with the Xiaomi Zenph Automatic Popup Tent, an excellent option for summer camping with added ventilation. Moreover, you can set it up in three seconds, making it simple to camp wherever you like.

There are lots of options for quick-to-put-up tents available. Your sale will depend on the tent, which is best for the size of your group and the time of year you are camping. The instant tent options available will help save you time. As a result, your camping experience will be a lot less stressful.

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