5 Best Pubs in Camden Town London

Christmas beer

Find the best pubs in Camden Town London

1. Edinboro Castle Pub – perfect for an after work drink in the summer

Christmas beer
About: This pub has recently been refurbished to give more of a gastro pub type feel. Their menu offers you traditional pub dishes and sharing options. There are also specialty beers & a large beer garden.

My opinion: This place is great for a large group of people to enjoy a few drinks. There is plenty of space in the beer garden which is especially relaxing with friends in the summer months.

Drinks on offer: Four real ales, seven speciality beers, nine lagers & five ciders on tap

Interesting fact: In the 19th century, railway workers in Camden used to fight with each other at pubs after drinking too much. The solution was creating a pub to recognise each country to reduce the amount of fights. Hence, the Edinboro Castle was born (along with the Windsor Castle, Pembroke Castle & Dublin Castle). (source: allinlondon.co.uk)

The kind of person that goes here: Families enjoying a Sunday roast, local workers aged 25-35 that have good jobs, after work summer drinks, those enjoying a weekend night out.

More information: Edinboro Castle Website

Location: 57 Mornington Terrace, London NW1 7RU (see map)


2. The Hawley Arms Pub – for great music & interesting people

Location: 2 Castlehaven Rd, London NW1 8QU (see map)

About: Traditional pub with food, beer, regular live music, roof terrace and a jukebox.

My opinion: There is an excellent down to earth feeling this place gives. The wooden tables are always a little bit sticky but I don’t mind. There are always a few candles burning but then also just enough light coming through the windows. I always enjoying listening to 60s & 70s classics playing out of the jukebox (not too loud – just the perfect level). Perfect for “just one” but always turns into more! This place also offers the greatest range of individuals for an excellent dose of people watching.

Drinks on offer: Beer, wine & everything fine (the usual stuff)

Interesting fact: This pub has been visited by many legendary customers such as the late singer Amy Winehouse, model Kate Moss, designer Sadie Frost and singer Pete Doherty.

The kind of person that goes here: Proper mix. Old. Young. Drugged out. Clean cut. Punks. After work drinks.

More information: Hawley Arms Website


3. The Lock Tavern – if you’re into trendy stuff, music & DJs

The Lock Tavern Beer Garden
The Lock Tavern Beer Garden

Location: 35 Chalk Farm Rd, Camden, London NW1 8AJ (see map)

About: Owned by DJ Jon Carter, this is a Contemporary British pub with dim lighting and comfortable leather sofas. There is a beer garden downstairs and upstairs there is a music area and an additional outdoor space.

My opinion: This place is great for relaxed drinks in the day or more lively dancing at night. Don’t miss out on the regular DJs and live music from Thursday to Sunday. I have personally encountered some very unusual performance (just stay open minded and don’t run away from the theatrics) along with some really exceptional artists.

Drinks on offer: Normal range of drinks on offer. More popular for the Sunday roast.

Interesting fact: Although there are many up and coming acts that play here, there have also been some big names that secretly graced this pub. To name a few – Justice, Adele, Erol Alkan, Florence and the Machine, The Drums, Joy Orbison and Gold Panda. (source: ukindietouring.com)

The kind of person that goes here: Trendy people, quirky outfits, 20-30 year olds, musicians

More information: Lock Tavern Website


4. Camden Town Brewery – fresh beer & street food (need I say more?)

Location: 55 Wilkin Street Mews, London NW5 3NN (see map)

About: Recently founded by Jasper Cuppaidge in 2010, this brewery bar offers both indoor and outdoor seating. This place offers an authentic brewery experience along with street vendors cooking dishes on site.

My opinion: Two words – fresh beer. Something makes the beer taste better since you know it was brewed on location. I also think their prices are really affordable for a night out. The specialty brews are delicious (I once tried an Apricot Wit).

Drinks on offer: Camden Hells Lager, Unfiltered Hells, Camden Pils., Camden Pale Ale, Gentleman’s Wit and Camden Ink. There are also a few specialty brews released throughout the year to keep you on your toes.

Interesting historical fact: The owner’s grandfather is Laurie McLaughlin, who ran McLaughlin’s Brewery in Rockhampton Australia and an estate of 60 pubs. (source: Camden Town Brewery, wikipedia) The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

More information: Camden Town Brewery Website


5. BrewDog – extensive offering of bottled beer

Location: 113 Bayham Street, Camden, London NW1 0AG (see map)

About: This craft beer bar is right near Camden underground station. Think of it as a drinking den with two floors offering unusual beers.

My opinion: A little dark inside but great if I’m in the mood to liven my palette with a craft brew.

Drinks on offer: Offering of international craft brews. This includes bottled and canned beers such as ale, stout, India pale ale and lager.

Interesting fact: BrewDog announced Since The Bismark (40% ABV) to reclaim the World’s Strongest Beer title from Schorschbräu. (source: BrewDog, wikipedia)

The kind of person that goes here: Geeks that enjoy spending hours reading the extensive menu of beers and discussing every option.

More information: BrewDog Website


Tell me what you think!

Have you been to any of these pubs? Would love to hear about your experiences with Camden Town pubs below.

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  1. It’s my birthday on the 3rd of June and would really like a night out and meet new people in Camden with live music if possible can you tell me the best places to go.

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