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Ashridge Autumn Colours Walk in Hertfordshire

Colourful Autumn Leaves at Ashridge Estate

About the Ashridge Autumn Colours Walk

We had the opportunity to hike the Ashridge Autumn Colours Walk in Hertfordshire. Despite the light rain and cool November temperatures, we really enjoyed the large trees, autumn colours and wildlife along the way. This 5.9 mile walk takes you through woodland, parkland, meadows and past the historic Ashridge Estate.

Driving from London, it took us under an hour to get to the start of the walk. It begins at the Ashridge Estate Visitor Centre near Berkhamstead.

We followed the route details provided by the National Trust (you can find a walk overview here). This walk felt easy on our legs with hardly any hills. The flat trails were wide and clearly marked.

Highlights of our walk included:

  • Herds of Fallow Deer
  • Ancient Beech and Sweet Chestnut Trees lining the path
  • The varied landscape – from dense forest to open farmland
  • Vibrant colours of the autumn forest
  • Eating lunch on the trunk of a fallen tree

This felt like a wonderful break from the city! I will definitely be heading back in the spring to enjoy the butterflies and wild-flowers.

Ashridge Autumn Colours Walk
Ashridge Autumn Colours Walk on a November afternoon
Colourful Autumn Leaves at Ashridge Estate
Looking up into the canopy of colourful autumn leaves
Autumnal ferns at Ashridge
Autumnal ferns at Ashridge
Autumn Trees at Ashridge Estate
Autumn trees and forest
Path covered in leaves
Path covered in leaves during the Autumn Colours Walk
Fungi on a large tree
Fungi on a large tree
Fallow Deer at Ashridge Estate
Fallow Deer in an open field


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Amy Pritchett

Amy Pritchett

If you truly love nature like me, you will find beauty everywhere.

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