Best 8 Person Tent for Camping

8 person tent
If you’re in a hurry and want to know our pick for the best 8 person tent then we recommend the Coleman Montana Tent.

Camping with family and friends offers a unique experience. You have time to unwind and connect with nature. Camping is great – but also requires planning and preparation. One of the biggest decisions for any trip is bringing a tent that everyone will be comfortable in.

These days there is a huge choice for family and group tents. The biggest dilemma is knowing which one to choose. A lot will depend on your circumstances. For example, the number of people in your group and the type of camping trip you are going on.

This guide provides you with information to help you choose the best 8 person tent for your camping trip.

What are the benefits of having an 8 person tent?

A communal living space

If you crave family time, togetherness and peace of nature then an 8 person tent is a good option. A large tent offers a shared living space for rest, meals, games and relaxation. No need to split the group up when you can enjoy your experience under one shelter.

Many large tents offer added feature. These make a shared shelter more comfortable for a larger group. Front porches offer a bug free zone for meals. Also, tents with taller standing rooms make camping much more comfortable.

best 8 person tent

An 8 person tent offers convenience

If you’re camping as a family and with kids, your trip can be a challenge and also a great time. It might be your first time camping with kids and you are looking for simple solutions. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be a stress-free adventure.

With an 8 person tent, you only have one tent to set up for the entire group. This means less gear to pack and less time setting up camp upon arrival. There are also many quick setup tents available. These give you one less thing to worry about when it comes to pitching a tent. No need to spend hours trying to put together your shelter.

If you are considering a tent with simple setup you mgith enjoy our reviews of the best instant tents. Also, reviews of the best quick tents to setup here.

Here are a few more tips for family camping to make your life much easier.

What features to look for when buying the best 8 person tent?

Quality of material

The material of your tent will determine how comfortable you are. It’s important to buy a tent that will keep you dry and also allow for proper ventilation. Most tents have polyester fabric. This is because polyester is versatile, light, affordable and weatherproof.

Other more expensive tents have polycotton fabric. This is a blend of polyester and cotton. Compared to polyester tents, these tents offer better insulation with the cotton fabric. This means you will be warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot weather.

Waterproofing and rating

All tents come with a Hydrostatic Head rating. This value indicates how waterproof the material is. The higher the number, the more waterproof your tent will be. If your tent has a Hydrostatic Head rating of 3,000 mm, then that means it could hold a cylinder full of 3,000 mm water. This is before it would leak through the weave of the fabric.

You can read more about Hydrostatic Head rating here.


An important aspect of making your tent more inviting is ensuring there’s plenty of airflow. This is important to stay cool on hot summer nights. It’s also vital in winter to prevent condensation building up in your tent and making things damp.

Look for tents that have plenty of windows, mesh panelling and vents. This will ensure there is a steady stream of air and it doesn’t become too stuffy.

8 person tent large group

Season rating

The season rating for tents can be confusing. This is because the numbers for each rating don’t describe the number of seasons you can use them in.

1 Season and 2 Season ratings are similar. They are basic tents with thin material and usually no rainfly. They are for summer weather and mild spring and fall temperatures.

3 season tents are the most versatile and so the most sold tents. That’s because you will get the biggest bang for your buck. They are appropriate for us in spring, summer and fall. They are lightweight and will protect from rain and wind. They are have a high level of ventilation.

A 4 season tent (despite the name) is normally only used in the winter. This kind of tent is best for snowy or very windy conditions. They are built to protect you from snow, ice, hail and also high winds.

Ease of assembly

Even the most seasoned campers can find the tent set-up a challenge, especially if it’s a new tent. You may be running out of daylight or the wind decides to pick up a bit.

There are many different types of tents available. For example, the 8 person tent you choose might be a dome tent, tunnel tent or even a cabin tent. With some practice, you can pitch any tent. Consider how long the tent will take to setup when choosing your tent.

Some tents come with pre-attached poles that you can construct in one minute. Other tents will need more time and manpower to assemble.

Find instructions for pitching your tent here. Aslo, useful tips for finding the perfect spot for your tent.

8 person tent family camping

Extra features

Room dividers

Some 8 person tents come with a room divider. This offers the opportunity to create separate living and sleeping spaces.


Porches provide a very useful place for storing muddy boots and wet clothes. It’s important to keep any damp items out of your tent. They also give a weather entrance if one doesn’t exist already on the tent. Finally, they offer an extra space for sleep and dining in summer months.

Gear storage

Sleeping is just one thing to think about when buying an 8 person tent. Families and groups bring lots of stuff on their trip. Where should you put it all? Think about where everyone can keep bags and other items. Storage compartments are a convenient way to organise and store things away.

Coleman Montana Tent – 8 Person

The Coleman Montana Tent for 8 people allows you to set up a base with some extra sleeping space. The extended door awning offers a dry space for gear storage and entryway.

If you have a rainstorm, the WeatherTec system with its patented welded floors and inverted seams will help you stay dry. Also, the angled windows will help keep water out while allowing for extra airflow. The great thing is that you can keep the windows open while it rains because of the angled design.

The setup of this tent is simple. There are snag-free, continuous poles sleeves and patented pin-and-ring system. There is easy entry and exit with the hinged door.

Inside the tent there is enough room to stretch out on three queen-size airbeds. There are also storage pockets to keep small items organized. When your trip is done, you can easily pack this tent up. There is an expandable carry bag with a rip strip until it’s time for your next adventure.


  • Sleeps 8 people
  • Spacious interior with room for 3 queen airbeds
  • 16 x 7 ft. and 6 ft 2 in center height
  • Extended door awning for a dry area for entry and storage
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep water out
  • HIngeddoor for easy entry and exit
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup
  • Patented pin-and-ring system secures your poles to your tent
  • Angled windows keep rain out while they are open
  • E-port for electrical power inside your tent
  • Storage pockets to keep items organised
  • Durable, Polyguard fabric that is made to last
  • Rainfly included for extra weather protection
  • Setup time in about 15 minutes


  • Poles could be more durable
  • Rainfly covers most openings
  • No rear window

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Coleman Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In Porch – 8 Person

The Coleman Evanston tent for 8 people allows you to enjoy the fresh air without the bugs. This tent has a simple setup and is easy to transport. This is a good option if you’re a car camper setting out on a long camping trip.

The screened porch offers a space to sleep on warm, dry nights. If there’s a rainstorm, the tent can withstand the weather. There are insta-clip pole attachments to stand up against high winds. Also, the WeatherTec system with patented welded floors. The inverted seems helps keep moisture out.

You only have to feed the poles once thanks to the snag-free, continuous pole sleeves. This reduces the setup time to only 15 minutes. The interior has 15 ft. x 12 ft. of floor space which is large enough for two queen size airbeds. You can attach the fly for protection from the rain. Or on a dry night, you can star gaze through the mesh roof.


  • Sleeps 8 people
  • 15 ft. x 12 ft., fits 2 queen airbeds
  • 6 ft height with room to stand and move
  • Screened porch to enjoy the outdoors with bugs
  • Rainfly window awnings, protection from rain and sun
  • Rainfly for weather protection and mesh roof for more sunlight
  • WeatherTec System. Patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep rain out.
  • Insta-clip pole attachments that stand up to winds


  • Entrance is a small space
  • Not for very windy or rainy weather
  • Poles could be better quality

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CORE Extended Dome Tent – 9 Person

The Core 9 person tent offers 16 ft. x 9 ft of space. With features like Coree H20 Block Technology, you will stay dry. The water repellent fabrics have active bead technology for faster water runoff. Also, there sealed seams and rain-resistant door/window seals. The fully-taped rainfly is removable in summer months. This allows you to expose the mesh windows and ceiling.

The tent also has an advanced venting system. It uses adjustable air intake vents which draw in cool air from the ground. The mesh ceiling releases hot air keeping you comfortable in warm months.

There are also zippered privacy panels on doors and windows. Also, you can keep gear organised in the gear loft with lantern hook and organiser pockets.


  • Sleeps 9 people (or 6 and their gear)
  • 72 inch center height with room to walk around
  • Electrical port offers water resistant way to insert electrical cords from outside
  • Fits 3 airbeds
  • H20 block fabric that is water resistant to keep you dry
  • Adjustable ventilation to let hot air out on summer nights


  • Door zipper could be higher quality
  • Poles could be sturdier
  • Stakes could be higher quality
  • No ventilation on the sides where you sleep
  • Not for heavy rain

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CORE Straight Wall Cabin Tent – 10 Person

The Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin tent gives you a little extra space. You can fit two queen air mattresses with a 7 ft center height. The straight wall design helps create a spacious interior. It’s a great option for those on the taller end of the spectrum.

There is also a divider included. This allows you to create two separate rooms for sleeping and living. The windows and doors have zippered privacy panels. There is also a fully taped rainfly which is removable in warmer weather. You can expose the panoramic mesh ceiling and enjoy stargazing on summer nights.

Finally, there is a geary loft with lantern hook and organiser pockets. Organise your gear and keep items off the floor.


  • Sleeps ten people
  • 86 inch center height with room to walk around
  • Electrical port provides water resistant way to insert cords from outside
  • Fits 2 airbeds
  • H2O block fabric that is water resistant to keep you dry
  • Adjustable ventilation on each side of the tent to let hot air out


  • Not ideal for very rainy or windy weather
  • Poles could be stronger
  • Anchor points could be stronger

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Coleman Red Canyon Camping Tent – 8 Person

The Coleman Red Canyon 8 person tent allows you to set up a comfortable base with some extra space. If there’s rain, it has a WeatherTec system. This includes patented welded floors and inverted seams to help keep you dry. Also, there is a door awning to keep rain out.

Ground vents increase air circulation. This keeps you cool and comfortable on hot summer nights. This tent also has a simple setup that is snag-free. There are continuous pole sleeves and a patented pin-and-ring system. Inside the tent you’ll have enough room to stretch out on three queen-size airbeds. There are also storage pockets to keep small items tucked away. When your trip is over, you can fit this tent in a carry bag for easy storage and transport.


  • Sleeps 8 people, fits 3 queen airbeds
  • 17 x 10 ft. interior space and 6 ft. center height
  • Carry bag included
  • WeatherTec system. Patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep rain out.
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup.
  • Patented pin-and-ring system secure poles to your tent.
  • Ground vent for increased airflow.
  • Door awning helps keep rain out.
  • Storage pockets to stay organized.
  • Durable, Polyguard fabric made to last season after season.
  • Rainfly included for extra weather protection.
  • Easy setup in 15 minutes.


  • Not for heavy rain storms
  • Poles could be sturdier
  • May need to add seam sealer and water repellent to fly

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My recommendation

A forest getaway is always an exciting time. Choosing the best 8 person tent for your group will depend on who you are camping with and the nature of your trip. As you can see, there are many affordable and convenient tents available.

cheap prices 8 person tent

If I had to pick my favourite 8 person tent, I would go with the Coleman Montana Tent. It’s a spacious option for your group of 8 and also offers a high degree of weather protection. I’m definitely someone who has experienced a good thunderstorm. I appreciate that this tent has been designed to keep you dry. The extended door awning is also a nice bonus to keep shoes and gear dry.

No matter what tent you choose, and no matter what the weather – you’re going to have a fantastic camping trip. Make memories for years to come with friends and family close to you.

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